Fredseum (Fred Museum)

The Fredseum - The FRED Society's on-line museum

Objects D’Fred and other oddities.

Discover the one and only Fredseum – home to the weird, the rare and the “Where in the world did you dig that up?” Here you’ll find an eclectic showcase of Fred rarities, collectibles and some stuff that really should have been thrown out a long time ago.

Don’t waste your time looking at expensive paintings, Egyptian mummys and all that really old stuff with long names that you can’t pronounce. Visit the Fredseum – a place where no one cares if you eat ice cream and make a lot of noise!

If you see a red circle with a “V” inside of it on any of the photos, that means it’s part of our virtual collection. We don’t have the actual item, just a photo and description. Isn’t the internet great?

Do you have a “Fred-related” item you’d like to donate to the Fredseum, real or virtual? You can send us the actual item, a photograph of the item or a digital photo along with brief descriptive copy. If sending a digital photo, please make sure it is a RGB jpeg or giff image at 72 dpi. Thanks!

Send any and all Fred items to: The Fredseum Currator c/o The FRED Society, P.O. Box 7470, Cave Creek, AZ 85327-7470 or email us

Sorry, the Fredseum is currently under construction. It will be opening soon. Check back in a bit. Thanks!

4 Responses to Fredseum (Fred Museum)
  1. Hi:

    Interesting site :-)!!! I just purchased items from an estate in Virginia, some of which included 100’s Fred newspaper clippings. Please let me know if that is something that you would be interested in.

    Thank you!

  2. Hey Tom, Thanks for the post on the 100’s of Fred newspaper clippings. Are they newspaper articles about people named Fred? Or are they from a town’s newspaper with Fred in their name (i.e. The Frederick Colorado Post or Fredonia Dispatch)? Send us some more details. Thanks!

  3. Did you ever think to produce a tee shirt imprinted with “No Turn On Fred”?

    • Hey Fred Elkins, I like your ‘No Turn On Fred’ idea. We’ll have to consider it for a future Fred product.

      It would also be a great image for a new section we’re working on for the FRED Society site called Fred Anarchism (FA). Nothing radical or distructive are we proposing. The idea is to have Freds find signs like ‘Free Parking’ and add a ‘d’ to the word ‘Free’ to make ‘Fred.’ Then take a photo of it and send it to us. Or a ‘No turn on Red’ sign could be easily changed to a ‘No turn on Fred’ sign. Take a photo and send it to us. Keep your eyes open for the new Fred Anarchism section on the FRED Society website. Coming Soon. Thanks Fred!!


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