Fred LeFebvre – Radio Personality


Fred LeFebvre host of The Morning News on 1370 WSPD in Toledo Ohio

Fred LeFebvre is host of The Morning News on 1370 WSPD – Clear Channel Media and Entertainment. His morning talk show is called ‘Fred LeFebvre and the Morning News’.

Fred was named after his father Frederick Raymond Lefebvre and his grand father Ferdinand Lefebvre. He was middle child of nine. Five brothers and three sisters. Fred attended Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts in Southfield, Michigan and moved to Toledo in 1980 for a radio job and has been there ever since. Fred has two children, both grown.LeFebvreFreducationLogo

Fred was asked by The FRED Society how it was growing up a Fred. ” I felt no discrimination with my name, in fact my slogan when I ran for student council president was Fred Power. It was 1968 after all. I won, ” remembered Fred.

Fred’s moto is ‘Freducation.’ All the Freds here at FredQuarters like the idea of that!

Thanks to Fred LeFebvre and WSPD for the Fred coverage and for spreading the word of Fred.

Want to check out WSPD Radio’s website? Click here.


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